Valet Parking

Let Us Valet Your Next Event

Platinum Parking is all about garage management and parking consultation since starting in Dallas in 2000 with a single location. We now operate over 300 facilities in the US and Canada. Our growth is a direct result of the close attention that we pay to each of the facilities that we managewhich translates into improved operations and maximum financial performance at our facilities.

Platinum Parking currently operates 15 cities in the United States and Canada with headquarters located in the heart of Downtown Dallas. With a large client presence in each of the markets where we are located, Platinum Parking knows the types of activities and the specific needs that are involved ranging from a large office building complex in a dense, multi-use urban area to rural events, restaurants, medical and residential facilities.


The key to getting off on the right foot with your guests is to treat them to an easy transition from the parking lot to their destination. A smile and some friendly, professional valet service will make a lasting first impression.

Our employees will attend to the needs of your guests, and maximize your parking lot management. Make the most efficient use of your parking lot space by allowing our attendants to cater to your guests, and then safely park their vehicles in whatever parking lot you have available.

Uniformed, attentive and trustworthy, our valet attendants are courteous, responsible, and timely; and will provide prompt and safe valet service to your guests.

Planning a big event? Using Platinum Parking valet service to simplify your event allows you to manage your time better. The value of a good first impression is immeasurable, and our professional valet attendants can give you control over those crucial first moments with every guest.