Platinum Parking Quick Links



Due to our growth over the past several years, Platinum Parking has become a regional leader for parking management in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Tenessee, and Ohio.



Our services include parking lot operations for both commercial and residential properties, temporary and event parking, and outsourced parking solutions.

Platinum Parking offers Garage, Surface Lot, Valet & Event Parking.



Platinum Enforcement Services provides a hassle and worry-free solution to the abuse of Permitted and Timed parking problems. Our state of the art License Plate Recognition (LPR) system takes away the need for expensive hard to see sticker permits. The vehicle license plate becomes the permit.



Platinum Parking offers the full range of premium parking services, from public parking to corporate parking and even valet service. Advantage Valet was added to the Platinum Parking family to specialize in offering valet service to clients in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.



Platinum is more than a structure with neatly lined pieces of asphalt. We are a full-service parking management enterprise with exceptional service.

Our People Are Our Driving Force


The parking facility is the first and last impression made on employees, members and visitors at each of our locations. Platinum Parking’s job is to ensure that every first and last impression is a positive experience by providing excellent customer service, consistent operations and superior facility appearance.

In order to efficiently and effectively operate a parking program, several different types of personnel may be needed for each location, including: management, supervisors, parking ambassadors, clerical/administrative staff, enforcement patrols and custodial/maintenance staff.

The keys to successful operations in a parking facility include: a strong site manager, well-trained employees and hands-on involvement by the company executive management.


Platinum and its affiliates are always looking for team members who are friendly, outgoing, and enjoy helping others by delivering great customer service and hospitality.


A consultative partner that provides ongoing input and suggestions to improve the business. Through our many years in the parking business, there is virtually no situation we have not encountered in the past, that we cannot solve in the future.  Our team of experts will help with the seamless transitioning to Platinum Parking;  including closing out old tenants, getting new tenants set up, issuing of new parking cards, and addressing security issues from the beginning.