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Platinum Special Events

Perhaps more significant than any other part of the parking operation, the parking staff forms the first and last impression of a customer’s experience at any special event. Of course, the condition of the parking facilities, traffic flow, signage, and convenient amenities are large factors as well, but none have the effect of a well-trained, knowledgeable, courteous, and energetic parking attendant or cashier. Platinum Parking is well prepared for the ever-changing attendance at any special event.

Platinum Staffing Strategies

Platinum works with our clients and focuses efforts to meet the needs of customer’s parking needs, safety, and optimization of experience by:

  • A variable staffing schedule will be created to maximize the economic value to the client while ensuring exceptional customer service levels will be reached during all events.
  • Staffing maps detailing adjustable staffing levels for all crowd sizes; from sell-out to inclement weather event days. The maps are presented as a colorful display of each type of employee and their deployed location.
  • Utilizing third-party data analytics software such as PredictHQ to provide event lists, expected attendance, and expected drive-in attendance for each market.
  • The appearance of any staff member is the first segment of any visitor interaction. We utilize a uniform and nametag system that brightly identifies parking staff to ensure effective traffic direction during day and night, protect our employee’s safety and promote the fun atmosphere inside an event.

Platinum Tracking & Reporting

Platinum Parking will report and track the following variables surrounding your special events to make improvements each and every year:

  • Projected Attendance
  • Actual Attendance
  • Daily volumes by lot and rates charged
  • Value and number of free or discounted parking
  • Weather
  • Special requests (granted and not granted)
  • Notes to improve the event for next years
  • Samples of signs, passes, flyers, etc.
  • Media, neighborhood, local law enforcement issues, etc.
  • Full contacts information of all stakeholders