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Parking Technology

Platinum Parking Equipment

Platinum Parking has extensive experience with designing, installing, maintaining, and operating electronic parking revenue collection systems and parking enforcement equipment. We currently operate over 75 T2 Luke parking meters and monitor the facilities using both mobile and static License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology. We have worked with virtually every equipment manufacturer in the industry to meet the specific needs of our clients at each of the facilities that we manage. Our operations staff has the knowledge to provide ongoing training, preventative maintenance, and general service for nearly every type and brand of parking equipment currently in use.

Platinum Enforcement Equipment & Software

Commercial Enforcement

Platinum Enforcement will patrol your commercial properties using our state-of-the-art License Plate Recognition (LPR) Vehicle with our digital wheel chalking software to ensure patrons are not abusing timed parking spaces giving new customers the ability to patronize your facilities without any major hassles of finding a parking spot. You also have the ability to register your employees in order to insure they are parking in their assigned spots leaving closer parking available for your valued customers.

Residential Parking Enforcement

We provide service for all facets of residential parking. We provide a gateway for your valued residents to register, maintain and change their parking permit status all online or with our mobile app. Platinum Enforcement Services supplies all necessary signage needed to eliminate confusion. We also patrol your residential parking lot with our License Plate Recognition (LPR) Vehicle multiple times per day giving your residence and staff the assurance that all vehicles are following your communities parking guidelines and the peace of mind that there is a constant trusted presence in your community.


Platinum Enforcement Services can provide digital permits that fit any type of need. Whether you need the permit to be valid for an hour, day, week, month, or year. We can set the parameters of each individual permit to follow any parameters the client deems necessary. Including but not limited to location.

Platinum Convenience & Safety

Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI)

Upgrading a garage access system to recognize toll tags at the entrance and exit provides added convenience for monthly parking customers and employees. An AVI system also improves the efficiency of the parking system and significantly decreases the time needed to enter and exit the parking facilities. This efficiency can have a significant impact on the environment by reducing vehicle idling and emissions.

Authorized parking customers would be able to use their existing toll tags for access to the parking facilities. For authorized parking customers that do not have a toll tag, a tag would be issued by the parking management company for placement in the vehicle. Many garages in major cities currently have a toll tag access component within their parking management system and almost every new parking management system being installed utilizes toll tag technology. Platinum Parking believes that this equipment upgrade is beneficial to the property owner, the parking operator, and most importantly, the customers that utilize the parking facility.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Platinum Parking has worked with several companies that are using new technology with LED and fluorescent lamps. Most energy-efficient lighting upgrades or retrofits have paid for themselves in less than three (3) years. Local utility companies typically provide rebates and grants for lighting retrofits, reducing the time for return on investment.