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Surface Facilities & Parking Garages

Platinum Availability

People don’t get very excited about parking because it’s one of those things that they simply expect to always be available. Parking only becomes a topic of conversation when it’s a problem to find. Platinum Parking is a leader in our industry because we understand that our guests appreciate us most when we are mostly invisible.

Like a door greeter or a valet service, parking attendants often have the first and last opportunity to make an impression on the guests parking in the lots they manage. This can either be a moment for your facility to put its proverbial ‘best foot forward’ or it can turn the perception of your guest negative just before they enter or worse, just as they are departing.

The premium services offered by Platinum Parking take into account the experience of your guests and serve to represent your organization in the manner you would expect from your own employees. We keep our surface parking facilities looking clean, safe, and welcoming; with easy-to-understand signage and friendly staff.

Platinum Courtesy

In our public parking lots, we enforce parking fees with a staff of courteous parking attendants. if necessary, Platinum Parking can monitor and provide attendants for your commercial or corporate parking lots. Each of our clients has different needs from monitoring, maintenance, or enforcement to supplying equipment and parking passes. Platinum Parking is here to help you on your terms. Work with us to develop good management practices for your parking lots or partner with us to provide your organization with all of our premium parking services.

Platinum Garage Management

Platinum Parking manages hundreds of parking garages across the major cities we operate within both public and corporate garages alike. Our parking lots and garages are well-maintained and feel safe and welcoming to our guests. Clients appreciate working with us because of our commitment to quality and our experience in the industry.

Platinum Safety

Parking garages can be found in any major city, but are often dimly lit, uninviting places where people fear for their safety. Platinum Parking takes pride in providing safe, welcoming environments for our public and corporate clients. We work with major corporations in cities like Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, and New Orleans and must provide a presentation worthy of their brands.