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Maria K. Puckett

Division Manager - Dallas, TX

Maria began her career with Platinum Parking in February 2013 as a garage supervisor overseeing 4 parking garages in the Central Business District and Historic West End. In April 2016, her role was extended and she was promoted to District Manager, and now oversees 5 parking garages plus 9 surface lots in the southern portion of Downtown Dallas and the historic West End.

With a background in operations, including the U.S. Coast Guard, law enforcement, and as an Operations Assistant, Maria is an asset when facilitating with vendors on major projects to improve the all-around appearance of the properties she manages and maintains. Her motto, “Perception is Reality” is ingrained in her day-to-day operations for Platinum Parking because she strives to be the best of the best for her clients and customers every day.

“In order to have a team that will follow you, you must have been a person of integrity, honesty, humility, and a clear focus on the end goal. I would never ask anything of my team that I am not willing to do myself.”