Women of Platinum – Maria K. Puckett

January 17, 2023

Our #WomenOfPlatinum feature is back! This week, we are highlighting Maria K. Puckett. Maria has been with Platinum for over 9 years, and currently is a division manager overseeing our Dallas locations. Take a moment to get to know more about Maria!

🌟Her proudest moment was serving in the United States Coast Guard.
🌟Outside of work, Maria enjoys hiking, reading, and the ever-challenging crossword puzzle.
🌟Her favorite thing about Platinum: “The relationships I’ve made within our company and clients.”
🌟She has two dogs—one English bulldog and one Olde English bulldog. Their names are Dixie and Farley.

Thank you for all that you’ve done for Platinum and our country, Maria!

Through the end of the year, Platinum wants to highlight the Women of Platinum. Once a man’s world, the parking industry is working hard to eliminate the barriers women experience when building and growing their careers—and Platinum Parking is no exception. We are continuously advancing our culture to ensure that everyone, no matter their gender identity, has the opportunity to thrive.