October 17, 2023


Smart Financial Centre (SFC), located just 22 miles from downtown Houston in Sugar Land, Texas, is a cutting-edge indoor performance venue that has made its mark globally, ranking 7th in ticket sales among venues with fewer than 10,000 seats. SFC is renowned for its diverse array of live entertainment, from top-tier music and comedy acts to family shows, Broadway productions, and cultural performances. However, the venue faced a significant challenge: limited on-site parking spaces (2,500) for a facility that could host up to 6,400 patrons.

A need for innovative parking management solutions.

Before the pandemic, SFC grappled with parking-related woes, from staffing issues and traffic bottlenecks to revenue management challenges. Dissatisfied patrons further compounded the issue, with parking revenues consistently falling short of expectations. In July 2021, after an unsuccessful stint with a parking operator, SFC turned to Platinum Parking for a solution. 

  • Platinum recommended the adoption of ParkHub, a state-of-the-art handheld event parking technology that streamlined revenue collection and prepaid ticket verification.
  • Within just two months, Platinum Parking turned SFC’s parking area from a financial drain into a revenue-generating asset.

Under Platinum’s management, SFC’s parking revenues in 2023 showed a remarkable 45% increase year-to-date compared to the previous year, signaling a dramatic turnaround from the pre-pandemic era.

This resurgence can be attributed to:

  • Efficient traffic management
  • Reduced congestion
  • Encouraging patrons to prepay for parking, which expedited entry into the lots

Platinum Parking’s comprehensive services include payment collection at all parking entrances, scanning for prepaid parking verification, valet services for suite patrons, and guidance for all patrons entering and exiting parking areas. Our success is underpinned by a tech-savvy approach, well-trained staff, and an unwavering commitment to providing a seamless experience for SFC’s event-goers, as verified by monthly secret shopper assessments.

Platinum Parking’s transformation of SFC’s parking management has not only resolved long-standing issues but has also contributed significantly to the venue’s financial success.