January 24, 2024


Community Impact: Platinum Parking’s Strategic Partnership with Seattle Waterfront

The Challenge:

The Seattle Waterfront faced a significant hurdle in attracting and retaining employees, impacting the overall vitality and accessibility of the area.

The Solution:

Platinum Parking, recognizing the importance of community support, collaborated with the Seattle Waterfront Association to implement a multifaceted solution. Understanding that maximizing turnover and enhancing accessibility were pivotal, Platinum Parking designed special rates tailored to the needs of retailers and hourly employees.

During peak hours when the Seattle Waterfront is bustling with visitors, Platinum Parking strategically sets rates to encourage turnover, ensuring more people can access the area efficiently. This not only benefited visitors but also maximized income for property owners on a seasonal basis.

Recognizing the challenges faced by hourly employees in terms of affordability and accessibility to work, Platinum Parking took a unique approach. During less busy periods, we significantly lowered parking rates, providing affordable options for employees working for retailers and Waterfront Association employers. This not only addressed the employees’ needs but also contributed to fostering a sense of community and partnership.

The Results:

Platinum Parking’s balanced strategy received positive feedback from stakeholders who appreciated the community-centric approach. The initiative not only demonstrated a commitment to accessibility but also positioned Platinum Parking as a waterfront partner to the city of Seattle.

Platinum Parking’s thoughtful approach has successfully turned parking stalls over efficiently, creating a positive impact on accessibility and community engagement. The case highlights our ability to strike a balance between economic considerations and community well-being.