March 5, 2024


Navigating the Parking Landscape: Platinum Parking’s Impactful Journey in Winnipeg

In the vibrant landscape of Winnipeg,  Platinum Parking stepped in to manage the Artis REIT property with a plan. Overseeing four parking structures and two surface lots presented a challenge with over 2,000 parking stalls catering to a mix of monthly, transient, residential, office, and event parking. All six locations are strategically located within two blocks of the iconic Portage and Main Intersection.

Embarking on this journey on February 1, 2023, we expeditiously transferred over 1,000 monthly parking accounts, introduced four new parking meters, transitioned four TIBA PARC systems, and integrated over 20 parking ambassadors into the Platinum Parking operations. 

From day one, we ignited change, impacting each facility’s operations, total revenue, and NOI beyond budgetary expectations. Our results spoke volumes:

  • 12.59% increase in Gross Revenues
  • 16.70% increase in NOI

Achieving such great success was not the result of any one initiative. Many factors were simultaneously in play including: 

  • Appointing a Dedicated Manager to oversee parking facility and lot operations
  • Committing to clear and consistent communication with the client 
  • Designing a custom cleaning plan for Platinum Parking Ambassadors  
  • Developing an operational overview to improve customer experience
  • Optimizing parking enforcement for surface lots and metered locations
  • Improving curb appeal and updating signage

In striving to exceed customer expectations and applying years of experience to this unique portfolio, Platinum Parking not only achieved unprecedented success but also increased the overall value of the owner’s property. Our journey is a testament to the transformative power of dedication and strategic vision.