April 5, 2024


The Art of Maintaining a Building Filled with History

Since 2013, Platinum Parking has managed Kinder Morgan’s parking facility in downtown Houston, known as the Travis Place Garage located at 1010 Travis Street. With 1,264 spaces, we’ve ensured smooth operations and exceptional service for both tenants and visitors.

The Travis Place Garage is a unique property with a long history in downtown Houston:

  • Originally opened in 1956, offering over 1,500 parking spaces
  • Houston’s inaugural rooftop heliport
  • Expanded in 1962 with three additional parking levels
  • In 1980, floors 8 and 9 were added for meeting rooms, dining, and fitness facilities and were renovated in 2000, converting them into additional office space 
  • Currently spans 679,000 square feet and serves various purposes
  • Accessible through the extensive downtown tunnel system 
  • Features seven levels of parking and two floors of office space
  • Tenant entry to the office space is available through the tunnel or street level, while visitors must enter at street level and await permission for entry

Maintaining a parking garage of this age requires ongoing upkeep, and Platinum Parking excels in this regard. One key aspect of our service for Kinder Morgan is our thorough cleaning and painting maintenance. What sets us apart is that all of this is managed internally by our own painting and maintenance staff. By handling these tasks in-house, we deliver exceptional results while also reducing expenses for Kinder Morgan. The impact of our in-house services is evident in the dramatic before-and-after images.

“Kinder Morgan contracted with Platinum Parking in December of 2013 for operations and management of the Travis Place Garage in downtown Houston and we have been very happy with our decision. The Platinum Parking team has done an excellent job of managing the garage expenses and making suggestions to lower them where possible. At Kinder Morgan, we require a lot of financial details and Platinum has provided us with accurate reporting on a timely basis. Upon implementation of the contract, we asked Platinum to customize their proprietary accounting system (SMART) by adding some fields that were important to us and the system was flexible and adaptable to our needs.”

Linda Warner | Director of Facilities Management, Kinder Morgan | 1010 Travis | Houston, TX