The Value of Platinum Parking

We are a boutique parking company, so our clients receive our Platinum Parking Team’s full attention from start to finish.  We offer extensive experience and resources behind us. Platinum Parking simply wants what is best for our clients, and when you work with us you deal directly with the decision makers. Being a mid-sized, boutique company, decisions are made immediately, locally, efficiently and effectively.

Platinum Parking managers are responsive and accountable. Our clients can expect the same level of service from all levels of our management. We encourage our clients to call us at all hours of the day and night and we respond.

Our proven, hands-on approach to facility management improves customer service, minimizes expense and maximizes revenue for our clients. At Platinum Parking, we actively manage our facilities. Each parking facility is overseen by an experienced manager who is responsible for every aspect of the operation. Platinum Parking’s objective is to exceed the expectations of our clients and customers.

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North Texas
South Texas
North West
  • Matt Adey
    Executive Vice President
  • Paul Lindenberger
    Regional Vice President
  • Brad Lang
    Regional Vice President
  • Stana Ocokoljic
    Regional Vice President, Platinum Parking South
  • Ed Danyluk
    Regional Vice President
  • Chuck Stills
    Vice President of Operations
  • Ryan Castle
    Ryan Castle
    General Manager
  • Chris Figg
    General Manager, Houston Texas
  • Justin Pontier
    General Manager
  • Maria K. Puckett
    District Manager
  • Darwin Brown
    Division Manager
  • Forrest Hummel
    District Manager
  • Jose Ponce
    Regional Operations Manager
  • Chely Martinez
  • Troy Mayer
    General Manager - Cleveland Ohio
  • Will Thompson
    District Manager